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Social justice is a central part of the formation of our young people at 蝴蝶传媒直播. It is underpinned by the credo of St. Mary of the Cross 蝴蝶传媒直播 鈥淣ever see a need without doing something about it鈥. The College has a very active Youth Ministry Team which involves a large number of our senior students. All of the students at 蝴蝶传媒直播 are actively encouraged to involve themselves in service to others through St. Vincent de Paul activities, street retreats, working with the homeless, visits to local nursing homes and involvement in local charities.


JUMP (Josephites Undertaking Mission Project) is a new initiative that commenced in Term 4 2017 lead by our Year 7 students. It is an outreach program which encourages secondary students to partake in community service and social justice projects, many of which are already involved in initiatives outside the College. Every year, each Year 7 cohort will commence their JUMP service in Term 4 until the program has been completely rolled out to Year 7-11 students and and offered as an optional service to Year 12.

More information can be found on our including an instructional video on how to log hours: